So today I made the rookie error of going to the gym without eating properly beforehand -not good !!

Having had a small smoothie that morning and a cookie around 10, I proceeded to hit the gym at 12 and let me tell you it was a slog.And although I completed a session some of my goals were compromised.For instance I hit the treadmill for sprints.Now after about 3 of them ,at a pace 2 km/h slower than my usual sprint pace, I gave up and instead relied on a high incline walk for the next 15 or so minutes.Now I guess I could say ” Oh well I met a goal of a fat burning cardio session” but in fact my schedule had been ruined for this week in terms of calorie deficit planning.Not the end of the world but annoying none the less. Surprisingly I managed to complete my muscular strength but I cant help but feel my muscles are compromised.Sorry guys next time I’ll boost you up beforehand with some protein ! *

So what is the best thing to eat before a session and when ?

Depends on what you are doing really. For a general gym sesh ( cardio, weights etc.) you want a bit of everything, so your carbs,protein etc. Depending on whether you are going in more for cardio or weights you can change the ratio of foods.I suggest something like a chicken and salad sandwich. You’ve got your lean protein, light mayo for slow release energy and the bread for starch.Plus everyone loves chicken. Add some fruit shortly before hand for a quick energy boost.When you eat is up to you as well.Obviously you don’t want to be throwing up in the gym, but don’t leave it too long to the point where you feel hungry again before your workout.And the most important part WATER WATER WATER !!

*I’m okay as I’m not doing anything too strenuous at the moment but a warning that if you are exercising at a high intensity you NEED to be fueled up properly or its dangerous for your body.