So I’ve recently started a new meal plan to help me strip down body fat and get back to my fighting physique.The easy thing is that this has been split into “training days” and “non training days”.Simple.

So here is a typical training day breakfast:

50g porridge made with semi skimmed milk (2 mins in the microwave.done.)

Some sort of topping.No this is where I have to admit that I’m breaking the rules a little with the jam.The plan bans refined sugary foods so in order to be “super good” then I would suggest adding fruit or berries.If you are that desperate a little honey.

Protein shake I use PHD Diet Whey (in white chocolate flavour) a review of that to come sometime soon.

Green tea with lemon A great way to cleanse your body each morning for a day of clean eating.I add the lemon as it aids digestion and also takes the bitter edge of the tea.A great way to reach efficient fat burning.

Apologies for the rubbish quality picture.I was hungry and the porridge was getting cold!!