This exercise mainly targets the glutes.Performed with correct form,you will be hurting by the end of each set !

-Lie supine on the floor with your feet shoulder width apart.Place our hands roughly in front of your glutes flat on the floor.Some variations have your heels on the floor and toes up (dorsiflexion of foot) but I prefer this method as it provides more stability.

-Keeping your upper back on the floor, squeeze your glutes to raise your hips up to your maximum height (this should be roughly as shown in the picture).

-Slowly lower until your hips are back on the floor.

-Keep the core engaged throughout for controlled movement.

-IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO PUT YOUR WEIGHT ONTO YOUR HEAD/NECK.i’m not having any broken necks on my watch !!

Thanks again to my glamorous assistant :p

This exercise can be performed in various ways.To progress it,I place a towel or foam pad between my thighs to work the adductors as I work the glutes.You can also do a single legged version of this by lifting one leg slightly off the floor and doing the above instructions on one leg.A weighted bar can be lightly supported over the hips to increase work load.

For the ultimate pre-exhaust set, follow this with squats.