How do you stick to a strict diet plan?How do you keep hauling your ass down to the gym?How do you achieve those results you crave? HABIT.

“Motivation is what gets you started.Habit is what keeps you going”

This is all I have to say, give it 3 weeks :

-Eat healthily and drink 2 liters (minimum) of water a day.Sure,by day 2 it will still feel like a massive task but give it a few weeks…soon enough it will feel normal saying no to a sweet treat or drinking water instead of juice at dinner time.

-Work out 3 x a week (minimum).Day 1 ,that run will feel like you’re dragging yourself into the fiery gates of hell but by day 21,heck its just what you do!

And if you’re still not convinced then think of it this way.Are you overweight? Habit got you that way.The multiple biscuits with your morning cup of tea over and over again.The weekly trip to the Chinese takeaway….its all habit!

So change it around! And give it 3 weeks!