I’ve been using this brand of whey powder for a few months now and so far it’s treating me well.I was originally put off of protein shakes altogether due to my short-lived relationship with Maxi muscle sachets.I loved them but they didn’t love me.Specifically my stomach!!

I am now a customer of GNC which stocks pretty much every supplement under the sun and I was directed to PHD as it is known for being easy on the system.So here is the lowdown on PHD diet whey:

Per scoop:

Protein:17.5 g

Carbs: 3.12 g

Fats:1.53 g    (based on choc orange flavour)

-Flavours include: chocolate,white chocolate,strawberry ,vanilla,chocolate orange and sooo many more

-Contains CLA,Green tea extract,L-Carnitine and Flaxseed

-Can be used as a meal replacement drink (although I would recommend a small snack with it to feel full e.g. a banana )

-Can be drunk at any point during the day and mixed into other foods e.g. porridge or yoghurt

I’ve found that this product provides results,which is the main concern.The variety of flavours has been nice to try.My favourite so far is the strawberry.I would suggest adding a little more water than suggested on the packet as the texture can be a little lumpy otherwise.Including the little bits of loose green tea leaf it,take a sort of “gulp it down” attitude.

My only major downfall for this product is that it is expensive.At a shop such as GNC you can be looking at around £30 for 1 kg.Online you can find deals for around £20.But quality assurance means a higher price.

Overall I would recommend this product for those looking to lose body fat and gain a lean muscular physique.